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Reveal your perfect complexion.

Glimpse® is topical nutrition for your skin with naturally biofermented mangosteen for younger, firmer skin. Exclusive mangosteen-derived ingredients known as BioActive X3 Complex® are created through ancient Japanese fermentation, improving the enzymes of living cells. This xanthone-rich complex effectively calms the signs of inflammation, provides antioxidant protection and supports collagen production. The result is a clean, glowing complexion, brought to you exclusively from Glimpse. 

Using these products in tandem with the pure extracts in our Luminescence collection—as well as our pure mineral treatments—your skin will radiate the powerful health only achievable with the mangosteen. 

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Glimpse® Essential System

The essential system features all six Glimpse skin-care products and addresses your skin’s varying daily needs by providing comprehensive skin nutrition. With daily use, BioActive X3 Complex soothes and calms the skin, promotes natural luminosity and safeguards the skin against aging and the oxidizing effects of free radicals.

Glimpse Luminescence Collection

The Luminescence Collection allows you to amplify and personalize the power of the mangosteen’s topical antioxidant protection. Luminescence Repair and Brighten bathe your skin in luxurious amounts of pure mangosteen, and form an intensely soothing, satisfying and age-defying elixir.

Glimpse Creamy Cleanser

This sulfate-free cleanser begins your skin-care routine by gently drawing out dirt and makeup as it soothes and calms any signs of inflammation.

Glimpse Gel Cleanser

The lightweight and refreshing cleanser clears your skin of surface debris, makeup and impurities without over-stripping the skin.

Glimpse Toner

An alcohol-free formula refreshes and re-energizes all skin types with the first layer of antioxidants and anti-aging phytonutrients to your receptive skin.

Glimpse Serum

The serum re-energizes and nourishes your skin with a host of highly active botanicals, trace minerals and vitamins, revealing clear, luminous and firm skin.

Glimpse Moisturizing Cream

Our moisturizing cream helps stimulate skin’s natural collagen production while restoring skin’s moisture balance as it firms, hydrates and revitalizes.

Glimpse Mineral Treatment

The mineral treatment delivers flawless coverage and topical skin nutrition through its triple-milled blend of zinc oxide, pure minerals and mangosteen.

Glimpse® Mangosteen Essential Oils

XANGO’s rare mangosteen pericarp oil provides biologically active compounds and phytonutrients proven to deliver wellness to the mind and body. Master aromatherapists have blended the mangosteen pericarp oil with holistic essential oils to create aromatheraputic blends to powerfully elevate mood and well-being in a way no other essential oil blend can begin to offer.

i am XANGO 

The exotic Asian botanicals in our signature i am XANGO blend deliverclarity and focus to the mind, reflecting Joe Morton’s optimistic perseverance while founding XANGO. The mangosteen pericarp oil nourishes the skin as sandalwood, myrrh, ylang ylang, lemongrass and orange holistic essential oils lift the senses and restore energy and balance.

i am Vitality

i am Vitality is an invigorating blend of mangosteen, geranium, lemon, carrot seed, bergamot, blue tansy and chamomile Roman to lift the mood and increase inner stores of energy.

i am Tranquility

This soothing blend calms the mind and body with aromatherapy from bergamot, geranium, mandarin, ylang ylang, orange sweet and lemon essentialoils. The pericarp oil instantly delivers a peaceful balance throughout the body and mind.

Each product in the Glimpse® line was made with clean, safe blends of mangosteen-based ingredients known as the BioActive X3 Complex®. Through the fermentation of these compounds, enzymes of living cells permeate the skin, which has been proven to calm the visible signs of inflammation, provide antioxidant protection and support collagen production.