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The Mangosteen

If XANGO were a party, the mangosteen is the belle of the ball. The small, purple mangosteen fruit hails originally from Southeast Asia, where it’s revered for its flavor and connection to good health. The whole mangosteen fruit—especially that xanthone-packed rind, or “pericarp”— traditionally has been used to treat a variety of health conditions. As early as 600 AD (you read right), scribes recorded the use of the mangosteen for the maintenance of good health. All hail the Queen.

Sitting in an open-air café in Southeast Asia on business, Joe Morton was introduced to the xanthone-packed botanical mangosteen. As a triathlete who had also grown up in his mother’s health food store, Joe knew the powerful benefits natural botanicals could give the body. And Joe’s a thoughtful guy: He loved it himself, so he thought others might too. Joe enlisted the research skills of professionals who discovered stacks of information on the health benefits of the mangosteen. Before long, XANGO was delivering wellness to the world.