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Things are good at XANGO (say ZAYN-go). In its short life, XANGO, LLC, has come a long way since Founder Joe Morton bottled up the powerful Asian fruit mangosteen and brought it back to America. Now people all around the world are coming to the same conclusion as Joe: There's just something about that fruit.

For 12 years, we've been bringing wellness products and business to millions of people around the globe.

XANGO® Juice is what started this whole thing. By puréeing the whole mangosteen fruit—nutrient-rich rind and all—and bottling it up, our founders realized this was the most effective way to get the powerful health benefits of the mangosteen to the world. (Thanks, guys!) Thus XANGO’s chief product was born. 

That’s right—there’s more to this place than just a pretty bottle. There were several ways to get the product to consumers, but XANGO founders Joe and Gordon Morton decided to market the juice through direct sales. That way you can have your juice and drink it, too. Today, XANGO stands as a beacon of direct sales done right, because XANGO Juice is a good thing to drink and a fun thing to sell. Or it’s a good thing to sell and a fun thing to drink. (We can’t keep it straight, either.)

XANGO is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association. To view the Code of Ethics by which we abide, please click here.



Award of Distinction –

Communicator Awards


Award of Distinction – FAVAO Mobile App

Communicator Awards



Digital Media Award: Visual Media (Facebook Campaign)

Direct Selling Association


Award of Excellence: Packaging

Communication Arts



Corporate Partner of the Year

Best Buddies Utah




Silver Award in Branding (XANGO 3SIXTY5 Game)

W3 Awards


Direct Selling Award - Product Performance Category




Excellence in Community Service

Communitas Awards




Best of Show & Best Video Blog

Utah Social Media Awards


Award of Excellence: Web Branding

Communicator Awards


Overall Leader for Corporate Social Responsibility Practices

PR News



CEO of the Year, Aaron Garrity

Utah Business Magazine


Best CEO and Break Room

Utah Valley Business Q Magazine
Best Company to Work For (2nd), Best Christmas Bonuses (2nd), and Best Website (3rd)


Top Forty Under 40 (Since 2005)

Utah Business Magazine
Aaron Garrity, Gordon Morton, Joe Morton, and Kent Wood have been honored with this prestigious award over the past 4 years.


Inaugural Humanitarian Award

Virgo Publishing “Focus on the Future”


Best Non-Carbonated Beverage Packaging

Clear Choice Awards (Glass Packaging Institute)


Honorable Mention

PR News
Overall Leader in CSR Practices for Companies Under 1,000 Employees



Business of the Year

Provo-Orem Chamber of Commerce


Best Network Marketing Company

MLM Insider
Distributors’ Choice Award (2nd)


Fostering a Fun Environment

Utah Business Magazine



Entrepreneur of the Year, Gary Hollister & Aaron Garrity

Ernst and Young


Corporate Social Responsibility Award

World Summit for Young Entrepreneurs


Most Outstanding Nutritional Beverage

Philippines Quality Awards for Business Excellence


Emerging Elite (Since 2004)

Mountain West Capital Network


Best Place to Work

Utah Valley Business Q Magazine


Most Creative Environment

Utah Business Magazine



Gold Medal (Growth in Large Company)

Nutrition Business Journal


With a strong presence in over 40 countries, XANGO is now more global than ever. Our influence is seen all over the world, fulfilling our mission to create measurable and meaningful improvements to the quality of life in communities worldwide.

XANGO is now found in 43 markets and counting: